Work Where You Are: PagerDuty for Customer Service Plus Zendesk

The way organizations interact with their customers has changed over the last decade as more and more people are online. Customer service teams are the first line of defense to deliver the best customer experience. With PagerDuty for Customer Service and Zendesk, CS agents are empowered to deliver excellent customer service by helping resolve customer impacting issues quickly.

PagerDuty CSOps enables real-time work with complete visibility across the entire hybrid cloud infrastructure, eliminating blind spots and the unforeseen issues they can cause. Allowing CS agents to act proactively when incidents arise by alerting the right teams at the right time.

In this eBook learn:

  • How PagerDuty + Zendesk bridges the gap between teams to speed up incident resolution and deliver great CSAT scores
  • How to deliver first-rate customer service and reduce employee stress by more than 20%
  • To deliver an all-inclusive toolkit to your CS agents and help them get the information they need right where they already work

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"The PagerDuty Operations Cloud is critical for TUI. This is what is actually going to help us grow as a business when it comes to making sure that we provide quality services for our customers."

- Yasin Quareshy, Head of Technology at TUI