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London Conference Wrap-Up

PagerDuty returns from our visit to AWS Summit London and Puppet Camp UK

AWS London

Last week our team went on an overseas adventure, sponsoring AWS Summit London and Puppet Camp UK. It was thrilling to be over 5,000 miles from home and run into so many happy PagerDuty customers: from UK-based customers like The Trainline as well as US-based companies with an international presence like Yelp and Jive. We also met loads of people who had only heard our name via word of mouth and podcasts like This Week in Start-Ups and Arrested DevOps.


We heard over and over at AWS Summit that our international customers love our reliable multi-provider SMS, phone, push, and email alerting to over 175 countries (and growing!). Our international SMS alerts all come from local numbers in the countries we alert, so when engineers ack, they don’t incur international fees. International customers are also big fans of UTF-8 support throughout our incident pipeline, so messages in non-western character sets render correctly.


At Puppet Camp, we saw teams learning how IT configuration can help them scale their impact, reduce the possibility of errors, and ultimately drive higher velocity and uptime for their company. And for the incidents that do slip through the cracks, PagerDuty makes sure the right responders get the message, speeding recovery and providing visibility for preventing the problem the next time around.

If you are in Europe and missed us and our fab PagerDuty beanies, don’t fret! Well be in Amsterdam for Scala Days EU in June and Velocity Europe in October.