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Not Enough Cat Photos? Introducing OkCats

PagerDuty soothes you with pretty kitties

PagerDuty alerts. Feeding a newborn. FOMO. These are the things that keep us up at night.

Here at PagerDuty, we know that nothing settles the nerves like eye cuddling a fluffy, adorable cat. That why we’re proud to announce OkCats.

OkCats puts cat photos where they’re needed most: in your incidents. Now any PagerDuty-enabled service can be embedded with calming pictures of cats. Waking up at 3am just got a whole lot fuzzier.

cat alert!

Take advantage of OkCats

We’ve extended our events API to include both images of cats and links to even more cats. But, OkCats works best fresh. Here, we show you how to create a new OkCats service from the Add Service page.

cat service

Try it out!

Use your own service key to send OkCats.

You deserve more when you’re awake in the middle of the night, and we can help you. With the alerts part, at least. When you figure out the FOMO part, call us, okay? We’re ready to party.