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What’s New: Updates to Runbook Automation, Event Intelligence,Partner Integrations, and More!

We’re excited to announce a new set of updates and enhancements to the PagerDuty platform. The product team has been hard at work making updates from Event Intelligence, Runbook Automation, and Applications with Monitoring Tools, to PagerDuty and PagerDuty Community Events. New capabilities enable users and customers to act in real time, drive more effective incident response from ingestion to resolution, speed up operations, gain instant visibility into services and business-critical information, and:

  • Automate Everywhere to reduce toil and lag for teams so that they can focus on innovation and activities that help grow the business
  • Deliver flexibility and connectivity required to adapt to each team’s unique tech stack, culture, and processes through new noise reduction, root cause analysis, and automation
  • Connect Everything to better manage complex digital ecosystems of services, infrastructure and customer-facing experiences and know how services connect and impact each other

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Automate Everywhere

Rundeck Automation

We announced two automation products from Rundeck: General Availability of Rundeck Actions, and the quickly approaching early access for Rundeck Cloud.

  • Rundeck Actions (now Generally Available): Automate Incident Resolution inside PagerDuty and reduce toil with PagerDuty Rundeck Actions, which connects responders to automated diagnostics and remediations for common recurring problems directly in the PagerDuty incident response workflow.Engineers can curate and publish automated functions exposed through the Runner in Rundeck Actions. This new automation is then available to responders when associated services are involved in an incident.


  • Rundeck Cloud: Rundeck, the leading automation mesh for IT operations, is now available as a fully managed cloud service.  Now you can get started rapidly with Rundeck, and focus on building and running automated workflows.  Rundeck Cloud manages the infrastructure for you, providing high availability, security, and elastic scalability.  In addition, we manage all patches and updates so you always have the latest features available.

View the blog or release notes to learn more about the full breadth of updates. Collaborate and share your feedback and use case ideas on the Rundeck Forums.

Deliver Flexibility and Connectivity

Event Intelligence

PagerDuty’s newest Event Intelligence capabilities enable faster root cause identification of incidents–helping to accelerate resolution and reduce downtime that may impact the customer experience.

Probable Origin

When responders first begin working on incidents, they may not immediately know where to start and focus their response efforts. Available in early access, Probable Origin provides incident responders with suggestions of incidents and services along with their percentage of likelihood to be the origin point of an active incident. Probable Origin uses data science to analyze past occurrence patterns over the prior six months to recognize the recurring pattern and occurrence of cascading incidents. Probable Origin enables responders to understand the impact, ensures that the right teams are engaged (reducing the need for swarming and elimination processes), and prevents resources from unconnected services from mistakenly being involved.

Responders can view the following within the Probable Origin Widget:

  • Incident Name/Title
  • % Likely Origin
  • Service Name
  • Incident Status (Triggered, Acknowledged, Resolved), Responder Names, and Timestamp

Auto-Pause Incidents

Available in early access, Auto-Pause Incidents automatically removes excess noise from flapping or transient alerts at the simple click of a button. Easily enable the feature to improve team health and help relieve frustration among responders who are often woken up in the middle of working on something important (like a new revenue-impacting project) or by issues with services or systems that eventually heal on their own or don’t need to be addressed immediately.

Event Orchestration

Building upon PagerDuty’s event rules, Event Orchestration helps teams cut down on manual event processing to help improve operational efficiency and reduce toil. Currently available for early access, Event Orchestration consists of a decision engine that enables teams to create custom logic to enrich, modify, and control routing of events to the right teams based on event conditions at scale. 

Combine nested event rules with machine learning and targeted automation that can trigger actions, including diagnostic and remediation actions (such as retrieve system health stats, or implement self-healing and automatically roll back a deployment and restart a server).

On-Call Management

Response teams need context at a glance and holistic views into their entire service topology to respond more effectively when they’re on-call. They also need to find what they need, faster than ever before. New capabilities help teams operationally mature and own their services–resulting in better service quality, brand reputation, and better customer satisfaction.

Service Graph

Instantly discover, map, and visualize business and technical service dependencies across the digital ecosystem with Dynamic Service Graph. Teams can do the following directly in the Service Graph interface:

  • View service health at a glance
  • Assess an incident’s full extent of impact to technical services and the business
  • Troubleshoot and zero in on probable cause incidents
  • Perform incident actions such as escalate incidents to another responder or team and resolve incidents

View the demo:


Service Standards

Service Standards enables account owners to configure and enforce best-practice standards for managing their services at scale without slowing down innovation–establishing clear guidelines to keep everyone aligned across the organization. Teams can easily define, share, and track service configuration criteria according to their unique needs. Teams can view for each service:

  • Whether defined service standards have passed or failed
  • The number of service standards met out of the total number defined

Global Search

Use Global Search and its flexible UI to input search criteria to quickly retrieve incident, alert, services, and schedules in a centralized location. Select filter and sort parameters, as well as a desired date range on the left-side panel to further refine search results.

Learn more in the knowledge base.

Connect Everything


PagerDuty meets customers where they work through enhanced apps that support critical communication and collaboration. Act fast and improve your visibility across the organization to bridge the gap between various teams such as customer service teams, engineering, and technical teams, as well as other teams and stakeholders across the organization.

PagerDuty App for Datadog – Status Dashboard by PagerDuty & Incidents by PagerDuty Widgets

The enhanced PagerDuty App for Datadog now includes the new Status Dashboard by PagerDuty Widget and Incident Dashboard by PagerDuty Widget. The former provides technical and business responders critical real-time visibility into the health of operations and systems. In addition to improved and streamlined communication between responders and stakeholders, you can also do the following in Datadog:

  • Manually trigger PagerDuty incidents from within Datadog.
  • View the current status of business services and corresponding impacted business services.

The latter, Incidents by PagerDuty, enables you to do the following directly in the Datadog console:

  • View up to 20 high urgency and active incidents.
  • Take actions like acknowledge and resolve PagerDuty incidents.
  • View PagerDuty incident lists, individual incident details, and service dependencies with just a single click.

View the demo:


PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud

As previously announced, the PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud includes a status dashboard and command console directly within Salesforce Service Cloud. It empowers agents to resolve cases end to end – enabling agents to directly escalate to the right technical response teams – streamlining communication between response, engineering, customer service, and stakeholder teams across the organization. PagerDuty, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Slack together help customer service teams drive loyalty, improve CSAT, and exceed customer SLAs.

View Justin Shie’s PagerDuty App for Salesforce Service Cloud Full-Case Ownership Demo:



Product Deprecations

Please take note and keep your teams informed of upcoming product deprecations listed by the nearest date:

  • March 31, 2022 – Webhooks V2 will be replaced by Webhooks V3 which is now generally available

Webinars & Events

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