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PrintWe’re excited to announce our latest integration with Honeybadger.  Honeybadger monitors ruby apps in production to let you know when exceptions, downtime and performances issues happen.

Without publicizing the integration, Honeybadger said that 5% of their customers have already integrated their monitoring services with PagerDuty. They only expect this number to grow once more of their customers become aware that it’s available.

For companies with large development teams, the “everyone gets noticed all the time” model just isn’t ideal. PagerDuty lets our users route error information to the people who can fix the problem now, not the people who are on vacation in Cancun. – Starr Horne, Co-Founder at HoneyBadger

The key to this integration is that it adds effective alerting, on-call schedule management and incident tracking to Honeybadger’s powerful ruby monitoring services.  To integrate PagerDuty’s services, check out our  Honeybadger integration guide.


Honeybadger is offering a promotion for PagerDuty customers to receive up to $89 off the first month of their monitoring services. To redeem this offer, visit Honeybadger’s website.

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