Add-on to your PagerDuty Experience!

by Nick Snyder July 6, 2016 | 3 min read

At PagerDuty we strive to provide customers with the most useful tools to make their lives better, easier, and more efficient. We also understand that “usefulness” may mean different things to different people. With this in mind, we decided that the best approach would be to enable the PagerDuty community with a new way to build upon and modify the features you want, so you all can determine what is most beneficial for you and your business, and obtain the maximum benefit possible. We are happy to announce that customers can now add their own features and functionality to their PagerDuty accounts using Add-ons.

*Excessive Applause*

Wait, what are Add-ons exactly?
Simply put, Add-ons are a way to quickly provide the PagerDuty community with new tools that enhance the ability to manage the full incident lifecycle. Add-ons can add functionality to your PagerDuty experience, outside of the core PagerDuty product, but are still hosted within your PagerDuty account. This means that you now have the power to add your own scripts and web pages to your PagerDuty environment –“One Dashboard to rule them all”.

To get you started, we built a few ourselves to give you a better idea of the types of Add-ons you can create. Here are a few of the Add-ons we have built that can be utilized today, or built upon and modified to your needs:

  1. Detect Conflict between Schedules
    This Add-on allows you to see which users in your PagerDuty account have conflicting on-call shifts between two or more schedules:
    This Add-on pulls the schedule and user data from your PagerDuty account, and displays in a nice clean table:

    • which users are on-call in multiple schedules
    • which 2 schedules contain the overlap
    • the time range where that overlap exists

    From here you can choose to adjust your schedules to eliminate the conflict or leave them as is, if the overlap is intended.

  2. Export Users to CSV
    Our Support team has heard this request more than a few times, so we’re excited to offer a quick and easy way to export your full list of users with this new Add-on. Simply provide your account subdomain and API Token in the appropriate fields, click export, and watch as the results come pouring in!

    Click Download for the .csv version. 

  3. PagerDuty Status Page
    This Add-on allows you to view PagerDuty’s current status from within your account. Think there may be a problem on our end? See for yourself by checking this Add-on. Hopefully, you’ll see this every time:


  4. Incident Density
    Wouldn’t it be great to know the day, and time of day when most of your incidents are occurring, so you can plan accordingly? Now you can! The Incident Density Add-on provides a graph to easily identify trends regarding when your incidents are being triggered.

    You can hover over each dot on the graph to see the exact number of incidents occurring on that particular day and time.

How do I set up these Add-ons in my PagerDuty account?
You can add any of our pre-built Add-ons to your PagerDuty account using our V2 API, or you can create your own. Simply follow the documentation in our knowledge base.

If you have any further questions regarding Add-ons, please feel free to contact us at