Announcing our second annual ID&E Report

by PagerDuty December 2, 2021 | 4 min read

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, change has been of one of the few constants. We’ve experienced change in how and where we work, in our approach to work to balance our personal lives and support our well-being, and how we can best introduce mechanisms of accountability to ensure that organizations can evolve. 

At PagerDuty, the foundation of our company values and business strategy is built on inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E). Along with holding ourselves accountable, we want to be transparent throughout our journey as we embrace the opportunities and challenges ahead of us. That transparency includes sharing our progress, and we’re proud to share our second annual ID&E report.

In this report, you’ll find where we’ve made progress on representation, where we’re investing to drive desired outcomes in our efforts, and where we’ve fallen short when it comes to our ID&E goals, which includes:

  • Improving representation in leadership. At the leadership level, we’ve expanded representation across our Board of Directors and hired our first Chief Diversity Officer to  welcome leaders from underrepresented communities, as we continue to invest in bringing more identities, backgrounds, and perspectives into leadership positions. It is critical for us to increase representation across our leadership teams, as this will allow us to be more innovative, effective, and productive as a business, in order to best serve our customers and partners.
  • Investing in programmatic solutions. Over the past year, we’ve invested in new programs and partnerships for driving inclusivity, attracting diverse talent to our workplace, and embedding equitable processes and policies across the organization. This includes an organization-wide learning approach to enable all Dutonians to be inclusive leaders and practitioners globally, creating a two-way mentorship program for Black & LatinX Dutonians, evolving our systems and processes for a more inclusive approach to recruiting, sharing our roadmap for Pay Transparency with Dutonians, and introducing a grant making program for our Employee Resource Groups to deepen their relationships with community partners. 
  • Area of opportunity: Women in leadership. We saw a year-over-year decrease in women across our senior leadership team. While this is a similar trend across industries given the disproportionate impact on women throughout the pandemic, this remains an area of focus for us going forward. Through a combination of our revised recruiting systems and processes, and our investments in programmatic solutions across the organization, we will continue to build on these efforts with the goal of continuing to expand representation of diverse talent across our leadership teams.

Above all, we’re focused on the intentionality to our approach for building an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace. This starts with being intentional about our programmatic investments in inclusion, allowing us to not only attract and hire diverse talent, but retain, grow, and support our talent so that every Dutonian has a strong sense of belonging. This includes being intentional in recruiting by leveraging the capabilities of our new systems with diversity reporting, working with new partners to expand our reach into networks of diverse talent from underrepresented communities, as well as utilizing revised processes to ensure an equitable recruiting experience for all candidates. Lastly, having an intentionality in our approach to equity, both internally and externally. This consists of investment into programs, policies, and practices, such as our work in pay equity and introducing Pay Transparency, as well as the internal and external programmatic efforts of our Employee Resource Groups in partnership with to advance equity across our communities. 

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity is a labor of love for PagerDuty. As change continues to be one of the few constants in the world, we will continue to approach this work with the intentionality of building an organization where everybody belongs, where we recognize our differences as our strengths, and strategically invest in advancing equity in the workplace and our communities.