CloudMonix and PagerDuty Join Hands for Next-Gen Cloud Monitoring

by Sam Lewis May 19, 2015 | 4 min read


Cloudmonix Integrates with PagerDuty

This is a guest post written by Cloudmonix that originally appeared on the Cloudmonix blog.

With the sprawling growth of cloud-based systems and IT Infrastructure, it gets difficult for IT management to keep an eye on every service and resource deployed throughout the cloud environment. This is where CloudMonix comes in – a premier Cloud Services Monitoring application designed to provide deep insight, instant notifications and automatic problem resolution of modern yet complex cloud environments. CloudMonix is a successor to AzureWatch, a popular Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Scaling solution that dominated Azure monitoring landscape for years. CloudMonix platform is purpose-built for cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and provides end-to-end monitoring and management of most popular cloud services.

CloudMonix arms the Cloud System Administrator with a number of automation and monitoring tools – indispensable for monitoring and self-healing Cloud Infrastructures, every minute of every hour. This is achieved through Live System and Resource Performance Dashboards, Key Performance Metrics, Instant Alerts and Notifications, Self Healing Actions, Auto Scaling, PowerShell, API integration, and more. CloudMonix’s cloud monitoring and automation services expand across all key Microsoft Azure offerings including Azure virtual machines, Cloud Services, SQL Azure databases, Service Bus, Virtual Networks and Storage services.

CloudMonix SaaS Monitoring solution allows for simplified monitoring of simple to complex cloud environments. With support for a variety of cloud-based platforms, a host of custom automation tools, and a modern intuitive interface, CloudMonix is a powerful solution for achieving cloud-system stability.

With CloudMonix’s core objective of simplifying, streamlining and automating routine or complex tasks for Cloud System Administrators and IT Professionals – we are always on look to improve the way we deliver our services. That’s why we have partnered up with PagerDuty, to deliver instant alerts and notifications on PagerDuty’s leading Incident Management platform.



The CloudMonix and PagerDuty integration is very straightforward and easy to setup.  Read PagerDuty complete guide to get started. CloudMonix users just need to connect PagerDuty services to alerts raised by CloudMonix recources, and they are ready to use the API integration.

Once the integration is set up, users can receive CloudMonix alerts and notifications in PagerDuty. CloudMonix will raise a trigger event every time an alert or action is raised and automatically resolve them if the condition for alert is no longer active.  CloudMonix subscribers can receive alerts regarding their cloud systems in PagerDuty for Azure Cloud Services, Azure Windows Virtual Machines, SQL Azure, Azure Automation, Azure Service Bus, Windows Servers, Azure Webapps, and more.

This new integration will enable and help cloud administrators be in more control of their cloud systems, servers and environments. They can quickly find, escalate and resolve systems issues and triggers. With PagerDuty, cloud system administrators are more responsive to system-wide issues and are quick in mitigating them. With CloudMonix self-healing and automatic resolution of production issues, cloud system administrators are in more control of their full IT stack. While CloudMonix currently provides great support for Microsoft Azure applications and services, support for other cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services and OpenStack is forthcoming.


CloudMonix robust cloud system automation and monitoring combined with PagerDuty’s powerful incident management capabilities are the best tools that a cloud system administrator would need. Backed by experience and proven success with its predecessor product AzureWatch, CloudMonix delivers incredible value for monitoring and managing Azure Infrastructure and Services.

It takes only a few minutes to get started with CloudMonix and PagerDuty. Discover capabilities of CloudMonix and how it is best fit for PagerDuty by signing up for a risk-free evaluation here. Get a Free Plan and start monitoring Azure resources with unlimited performance metrics for life. Upgrade to paid plans and protect your cloud deployments from downtime by getting notified and healed of most production issues.