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Building Fast and Breaking Fast with Big Blue

Build Fast – Break Fast. That’s the mantra of the DevOps movement, and one that’s always associated with a small, agile team. So how do DevOps and IBM come together? Traditionally, you don’t really think about IBM as being part of a fast, agile culture. Well, this week at IBM Interconnect in Las Vegas, I was introduced to an amazing new strategy IBM is rolling out for the DevOps movement, to help customers large and small Build Fast – Break Fast. With the new IBM Bluemix Garage Method, IBM launched an impressive set of solutions that allow organizations to deliver applications faster and cheaper with just the right set of features.
The Bluemix Garage Method is built around the following 7 tested methods:
IBM Bluemix Garage Method

Each method includes best practices and DevOps tools to help you deliver on a core area. For example, if you drill into the Manage pillar, you’ll be presented with best practices on how to code management principles into application and DevOps tools like PagerDuty. With the Bluemix Garage Method, IBM is fully embracing the momentum DevOps has gained over the past few years and is now putting resources into helping organizations globally deploy a DevOps methodology to innovate like a startup and scale like an enterprise.

Here at PagerDuty we are excited to be part of the innovation that IBM is creating. The DevOps movement should not be confined to small organizations. Agility, shared responsibility, continuous innovation, and deployment are principles that every team regardless of size can benefit from. With the Bluemix partnership, organizations will bring DevOps practices to the truly monolithic development and operations environments. If you’re new to this DevOps thing and not sure where to start, checkout what IBM is positioning. It may be just what you need to get started.