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Enrich Your PagerDuty & Nagios Integration

NagiosLast week, Event Enrichment, a methodology focused on minimizing noise generated by IT events and reduce an incidents mean time to repair, posted a companion piece to our Nagios integration guide to help you customize Nagios events you send to PagerDuty.

According to a recent survey we conducted, over 40% of people who use PagerDuty have Nagios deployed in their IT environments. As one of our most popular integrations it’s no wonder that people who use the integration have found ways to amplify its power.

Tune PagerDuty with Customized Nagios Events

Event Enrichment provides detailed steps for how to customize Nagios events sent to PagerDuty. This customization will help reduce the number of environmental variables received by your operations team to make the incident more focused and manageable.

“We’ve all felt the pain of being woken up in the middle of the night by a page for an event that did not need handling, or an event that did not have any associated remediation information. Both of these scenarios are common, frustrating, and take their toll on engineers.”
– Ophir Ronen, Event Whisperer,

Event Enrichment is spreading their methodology worldwide, helping people minimize noise generated by Network Management Systems and decrease Mean Time to Repair. Event Enrichment is dedicated to creating support documentation and provide educational materials for people to improve their incident management.

“We decided to include guides for integration with Pagerduty given the growing popularity of the platform for use in escalations to engineers.”
– Ophir Ronen, Event Whisperer,

To check out their blog post about the Nagios and PagerDuty integration visit Event Enrichments blog for more information.