New! Log in to PagerDuty with Google

by Julie Arsenault February 5, 2015 | 2 min read

Google SSO now available in PagerDuty

Last year, we launched Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easier and more secure to manage your PagerDuty users. We’re excited to add Google Apps as an SSO partner alongside Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Active Directory, and more.

Why Use SSO with PagerDuty?

Revoke User Access. Using an SSO provider with PagerDuty makes it easy to revoke access from an employee who leaves your company. No more logging into PagerDuty and every other application your employee has access to, instead handle all their access centrally like you wanted.

One-Click Corporate Log In. Can’t remember all of the passwords you use for each of the 468 tools you use? No problem. Let PagerDuty federate with your SSO provider and you’ll have one less password to remember.

Add Users On Demand. With an SSO provider, it’s really easy to add users to PagerDuty. Just provide them access to the PagerDuty app via your SSO provider and their accounts will be auto-provisioned when they first login to PagerDuty.

How it Works:

SSO is a feature of the PagerDuty Enterprise plan. Account owners can activate SSO from their Account Settings page. After Google Apps has been connected with your PagerDuty account, users have the option to sign in to PagerDuty with Google:


Does it work with the mobile app on iOS and Android? Of course! It also works great with Google 2-factor authentication. When it comes to security, we don’t mess around!