First Post!!1!

First Post!!1!

Six months out of the gate, and we finally got around to setting up our blog. Pretty bad, eh?  Up ’till now, we’ve been heads-down adding features to PagerDuty.

Anyway, we plan to use this blog to keep our customers (and curious onlookers) up to date regarding the development of PagerDuty, and our experiences running a startup out of Toronto.

Just in case you’ve randomly stumbled across our blog, PagerDuty is an alert management product we’ve been working on since February. Most web developers are pretty familiar with monitoring systems like Pingdom and Nagios. These tools are indispensable for any serious online business: they rapidly detect problems with your systems. What they don’t do as well, though, is ensure that someone knows about a detected problem.

With PagerDuty, we’re trying to bring top-notch alerting functionality to the monitoring tools IT pros have already come to trust. We help you establish an on-call rotation for your IT/ops team, and then dispatch alerts to the on-call engineer using your choice of phone calls, SMSes, or emails. PagerDuty’s email-based triggering makes integration with all of your existing monitoring software a snap.

If you haven’t already, take a look at PagerDuty. The service is completely free for the next little while (during our Beta period), so sign up for an account and let us know what you think.


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  • Edward M. Goldberg
    Posted at 10:14 am, October 1, 2010

    The myCloudWatcher HAProxy Based LB design provides all of the features that you want:

    1) EIP or collection of several if you need more Zones, use one in each zone.
    2) Array Grow and shrink with full control over load at a server by server level.
    3) Sorry server support for fall-back, I use RackSpace for my Fall-Back servers.
    4) Full Health Check testing for each web server, with reporting and status page LIVE.

    Ok, this goes on and on. I provide http and https as well as TCP just pass through…

    Just ask and I can provide the Templates for a LB that just works..

    Please call any time:
    Cell:     916-390-8259
    Skype:  EdwardMGoldberg

    Edward M. Goldberg

  • Bruce Spengler
    Posted at 2:22 pm, December 1, 2010

    So, what was your solution?

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