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How Four Companies Crush IT

Our customers are the reason PagerDuty is alive and healthy. Through their usage and feedback of our product we continue to strive to make it better and solve the pain that bleeds through the DevOps community of alerting, on-call scheduling and incident management.

Recently, we chatted with a few of our customers who shared their PagerDuty stories and told us about how they are crushing IT to keep their products available for their customers.f

Creating Peace of Mind at Panasonic

2000px-Panasonic_logo_Blue (1)With PagerDuty, Panasonic has significantly decreased the time it takes to respond to an incident. Specifically, PagerDuty is used for on-call scheduling for both the IT and customer support teams. Instead of waiting around to be needed, their teams can go home and be alerted if any issues arise.

Removing the Human Factor of Escalation at GREE

GREE_Logo-2 (1)PagerDuty has helped GREE transition to a DevOps model for on-call management and alerting. By integrating PagerDuty with this model, GREE has decreased resolution time because incidents are routed to the person who built it. PagerDuty has also helped removed the human factor of escalation to make sure incidents are resolved quickly.

Building Relationships with their Partners at zeebox

zeebox_logo-2zeebox adopted PagerDuty early on to avoid the chaos of scheduling large on-call teams. Unique to zeebox is their adoption of PagerDuty for non-technical teams to receive alerts and resolve incidents. On-call team members may be content producers or editors who ensure that their advertising partners’ ads properly sync live commercials with their second screen app.

Watching over Monsters and Jellies at Wooga

wooga-logoAs a data-driven organization, Wooga needed a reliable way to receive alerts to resolve incidents in order to prevent any loss of data and keep their social games online for their players. Before PagerDuty, Wooga didn’t have any metrics when it came to how long it took for incidents to be responded or resolved.

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