Sync PagerDuty and Over 242 Apps with Zapier

by PagerDuty October 9, 2013 | 2 min read


We’re excited to announce that PagerDuty now integrates with Zapier. But this is far from our typical integration because with Zapier you are able to swap your data between PagerDuty and any other app that integrates with their service.

Zapier offers a unique way to swap information between over 242 of your favorite web services.

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It’s pretty chaotic here at PagerDuty, with a lot going on it’s important to keep ourselves organized. To do so we use JIRA to keep track of tasks that we need to complete or request for other people to complete on the team. With Zapier we are able to automate creating a JIRA ticket from a PagerDuty alert helping our team stay organized and create redundancies to make sure that incidents are handled quickly and effectively.

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Zapier also adds to our existing one-way integrations and makes them bidirectional. Until today, one of our most popular integrations with Zendesk was a tad limiting. The integration only allowed ZenDesk customers to receive alerts when a ticket was created. But now using Zapier you can pull out a customer’s info and build a ZenDesk ticket as well.

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Create Your Own Zaps

Need to integrate with another tool? No problem, with Zapier you can create your own integrations with PagerDuty. After less than a week of being officially listed on as a Zapier service over 100 events integrations have been created with services like Basecamp, Gmail, Twillio, Evernote and more.

But that’s not all you can do. Want to create a GitHub issue from a new incident in PagerDuty? Make a zap! Want to get a phone call whenever someone answers your Survey Monkey questionnaire? Make a zap!

It’s really easy, so why not be creative and design a workflow and notification system that works best for you. It only takes a couple of mouse clicks. To learn more check out our Zapier integration guide to build your own integrations.

But before you go, we’d love to hear which web services you are planning to integrate with PagerDuty! Let us know in the comments below.