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The Cloud is Under Control

aws-logoToday at the AWS Summit in Chicago I took part in something very special, the merging of innovation with technical leadership. The sessions and hands-on labs that AWS offered at the event were incredible. Like minds from near and far were eagerly discussing new technologies about cloud operations, DevOps in the cloud and much much more.

The technology offerings from AWS seem to be limitless and the adoption seems unstoppable. It’s for this reason that when our teams evaluated what integration to build next, one for AWS was easy to justify.

So today at the AWS Summit in Chicago, PagerDuty is proud to announce the new AWS CloudWatch Integration.

The new AWS CloudWatch integration moves beyond a basic integration with EC2 and expands coverage to:

CloudSearch DynamoDB EBS
Kinesis Lambda ML
Redshift RDS SNS
StorageGateway WAF Route53

With the new CloudWatch integration customers can:

  • Create an alarm to monitor any Amazon CloudWatch metric, such as:
    • Amazon EC2 instance CPU utilization
    • Amazon ELB request latency
    • Amazon DynamoDB table throughput
    • Amazon SQS queue length
    • The charges on your AWS bill
  • Set custom thresholds with target values that will trigger an alarm
  • View 14 days of alarm history
  • Group alerts by specific attributes to better organize incidents and reduce noise
  • Use PagerDuty as a hub for operations teams to centralize, classify, and enrich events coming from AWS CloudWatch.
  • Leverage PagerDuty’s multi-channel alert notification services, including the mobile app, email, SMS and phone for the ideal frequency and re-routing notification methods.

    As you can see, this integration is unlike anything we’ve created before, — our product teams really went the extra mile to deliver an extensive solution. The AWS CloudWatch integration really has your back to help you keep the cloud under control.

    Check out the AWS CloudWatch integration guide to learn more.

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