Do More and Work Where You Are With Our New Integration for Jira Server and Data Center

by Liberty McBride June 9, 2020 | 3 min read

Many of you may be reading this blog from home, a remote office somewhere, a family member’s house, or—if Zoom backgrounds are to be trusted—the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. We’re all learning how to get better at “working where we are,” and that includes optimizing the tool stack you use each day. For PagerDuty users who count on Atlassian’s Jira Server and Data Center products, we made some changes that let users work in real-time and to “work where you are.”

We are pleased to announce the general availability of our enhanced integration for Jira Server and Jira Data Center. This integration includes a suite of features that allows users to coordinate incident response right from Jira issues using the PagerDuty sidebar. It also enables organizations to drive synchronization and collaboration between teams with complex workflows, and map users and accounts across PagerDuty and Jira Server and Data Center. As one of the most popular PagerDuty integrations, we’re excited to roll out these new features, which were developed based on the feedback from you, our users.

Enhanced PagerDuty Actions From the Sidebar

Customers love seeing PagerDuty incident information in the sidebar and have often asked us to add more to it. We agree: viewing basic information about a PagerDuty incident in the sidebar is certainly useful. But what if you want to drive even more real-time incident response through PagerDuty? Our enhanced sidebar now enables users to respond faster and do more without leaving Jira. Users can acknowledge, reassign, and resolve incidents—all directly from the sidebar. Additionally, teams can add notes or add in more responders when the situation calls for it, all directly from the Jira Server and Data Center sidebar.


By the way, if you prefer that some of your users not see these features, you can also choose to hide them.

Use Advanced Workflow Rules to Automate More in Jira

For your digital business to thrive, your digital services must run perfectly. PagerDuty’s real-time operations platform helps you do this by automating key workflows to ensure less downtime and fewer outages. PagerDuty has added these advanced workflows to our Jira integration. For Jira Server and Data Center customers, this means you can now employ advanced rule configurations that power complex workflows—all from in the Jira interface. Jira users can drive real-time operations with the precise workflows needed to run their business.

Two-Way User Mapping

Based on feedback, we have also added user mapping so now you can link Jira and PagerDuty accounts and capture the full story on how your team members responded to an incident. With user mapping, your granular permissions in PagerDuty can be used in the PagerDuty app. You can also prevent miscommunications with a fallback user to ensure all changes are made in real-time, every time.

Multi-Account Support

As teams grow and become highly distributed, the ability to accommodate Jira users on separate accounts is a real issue. To ensure your teams and responders are all on the same page and nothing slips through the cracks, we have added the ability to map multiple Jira instances to PagerDuty. You can also map multiple PagerDuty accounts to Jira. With the latest integration, your enterprise business is ready to expand globally without interfering with productivity.

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