Celebrating Women's Success

by Jennifer Tejada March 8, 2017 | 3 min read

A memo from our CEO, Jennifer Tejada.

More than a hallmark card holiday, we celebrate today as International Women’s Day. It’s a celebration across the US and the tech industry with a grass roots movement, “A Day Without Women,” which calls for women to go on strike to draw attention to women’s rights and demonstrate solidarity for equal rights and social justice.

I am so fortunate to be part of an inclusive, progressive company in tech. I see the benefit of a diverse community at play every day I am in the office or in the field with customers. I am proud to be a part of a leadership team that is committed to continuing to build on our inclusive culture and to further our diversity efforts in recruiting, training and development, and management and leadership development.

As a leader and colleague, I deeply appreciate every individual’s contribution to our business, not the least of which, the contribution of the women in our organization, and I support the women of PagerDuty in their choice to celebrate this day in different ways.  

My plan for today looks like this:

My daughter and I will get up early and go to breakfast to celebrate, dressed in red, the official color of, “A Day Without Women.” I am excited to share with her why this day is so important, how fortunate she is to have a voice, to be counted and to be heard, and how bright I truly believe her future is. We will reflect on and celebrate some of the wonderful men and women that have had a positive impact on our lives, and send a few text messages of appreciation and encouragement.  

I am flying much of the day to a conference, so you won’t see me in the office. Admittedly, I love long flights for the solace away from meetings and will relish in the opportunity for some thinking time and to get a little work done because frankly, I love my job. The best way for me to support the women in my world is to do everything I can to ensure we are successful, that all of us have an equal shot at developing ourselves and our careers and that we win together, alongside our community at PagerDuty. Everyone chooses their own version of personal activism, and mine is doing everything in my power to prove through example that diversity delivers results and benefits everyone involved.

To those who choose to take the day off or show your support in other ways, you have my support. I encourage everyone at PagerDuty to think about how you can advocate for, support, and positively impact the women around you. Of course, be considerate of teammates, customers and our community in whatever way you chose to participate. Every employee at PagerDuty is encouraged to empower your teams to make their choice as individuals in how they support the cause.

Please take the time to celebrate the women you live and work with, who brought you into this world, who make your lives, your jobs, and your families just work. I remain as ever, both encouraged and committed to ensuring PagerDuty remains an inclusive, wonderful place to work, learn, and create value for our customers, employees, and community.