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Introducing PagerDuty Status Pages for Improved Customer Communication and Savings

In 2023, the fight to retain customers will be one of the biggest factors determining whether a business can survive the recession all are predicting. One of the key findings from the 2022 State of Service Report from Salesforce is that great service is at the heart of customer retention: 48% of customers will switch brands for better customer service when something goes wrong, and they view open communication as a key factor in how a customer might gauge the quality of customer service. Customers understand that even the most resilient digital systems may have issues from time to time. But they won’t tolerate being left in the dark when those issues are preventing them from completing transactions or interacting with a company.   

Establishing proactive, detailed communication around the ongoing status of an issue is crucial to building customer trust and loyalty. For too many enterprises, though, the process required to communicate quickly and proactively with customers has too many manual steps, too many handoffs, and too much complexity. 

PagerDuty Status Pages, now generally available, cut through that complexity. PagerDuty Status Pages enable brands to proactively inform and assist their customers in all situations by providing visual, real-time insights into an organization’s operations. When an incident occurs, PagerDuty users will be able to securely communicate real-time operational updates with customers directly from the PagerDuty Operations Cloud, and leverage their preferred audience-specific communication service. This new add-on feature extends PagerDuty’s customer service and incident response solutions to our partners and customers alike. 

The Benefits
We aim to make service agents’ lives easier, as well as save time and money for our customers. Now, with proactive communication, teams can let customers know there’s an issue before they’re even aware. This will reduce the number of tickets that pour into the customer service organization for review when there is an outage, as well as reduce the labor cost of each ticket. Having this single source of truth for the latest updates will also deflect other requests for information about the issue being routed to engineering teams, especially when time is paramount. Both DevOps and CSOps teams can easily stay on the same page, saving time and resources. 

The deep value to our customers also lies in the open transparency that you’re now able to create, especially during large-scale outages and events. With PagerDuty Status Pages, you’ll be able to cultivate trust in your relationships with your customers, allowing them to quickly know whenever a service is experiencing a problem while staying informed about the status they care most about. This will all be in the same place: a single source of truth.

Screenshot of PagerDuty Status Pages feature