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jennifer-tejada-ceo-twitter-fbIt is an exciting day at PagerDuty, as we announce the appointment of Jennifer Tejada as chief executive officer and a member of the board. In addition, we’re excited to announce a 95 percent year-over-year increase in revenue growth from enterprise business; 90 percent year-over-year revenue growth; and acquisition of over 1,200 new customers globally.

“I am excited to welcome Jennifer to PagerDuty,” said Solomon, co-founder and CTO of PagerDuty. “Jennifer is clearly the best person to lead PagerDuty as we scale the business through product innovation in new markets. A champion of customer experience, Jennifer brings depth in building markets, driving operational excellence and leading high-performing teams, with breadth in innovating products and services that support enterprises in digital transformation. Jennifer’s leadership enables me to invest more time in innovative customer solutions, and I am excited to partner with her on PagerDuty’s product and growth strategy.”

We couldn’t be more excited to have Jennifer join the PagerDuty family. Read more about the announcement in our press release.

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