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Meet the Support Team at PagerDuty

We have a great team here that is dedicated to keeping PagerDuty online and make sure everyone who uses it to receive alerts, schedule their on-call teams and track incidents is happy. There are 10 teams at PagerDuty and over the next several weeks we’ll be introducing you to the people who keep PagerDuty awesome.

Our Support Team is dedicated to helping and educating people who use PagerDuty. Whether they are teaching someone how to use a feature, discussing new feature requests with our development teams or making sure the rare unsatisfied customer becomes satisfied, they can always be found going above and beyond the call of duty.


ryan_sm Ryan Hoskin is the Support Team Manager. He allocates incoming requests to his team, prioritizes actions and monitors team resource so that customer deadlines are met. When he’s not working, Ryan can be found hiking, biking, woodworking or drinking a good beer.
Favorite sports team: The 49ers
Professionally, you’re most proud of: Running a great team at PagerDuty!
Favorite drink and who you’d drink it with: A gin & tonic with Teddy Roosevelt
julian_sm Julian Martinez is a technical support engineer at PagerDuty. Julian carefully explains how PagerDuty works to people who rely on our product, routes bugs and feature requests to the right people and writes integration guides for the products that make PagerDuty even greater.
Favorite karaoke song: Fifteen Years on the Erie Canal
If you knew then what you knew now, what would your senior quote be: Invest in Microsoft.
Favorite drink and who you’d drink it with: A Hot Toddy with Jesus
dan_sm Dan Kheronsky is a Technical Support Engineer at PagerDuty. Dan provides support to our technical clientele.
Hobbies: Riding my bicycle
Favorite drink and who you’d drink it with: Beer (probably an IPA) with Hunter S Thompson
Who would win the Ultimate Showdown: PagerDuty CTO, Andrew “Mad Dog” Miklas

Have a question about PagerDuty or just want to chat with our support team? You can reach them at Or if you think you have the chops to work with us, check out our open positions.