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MovemberFor the third year in a row, PagerDuty is going to participate in Movember. Throughout the years, we have had some great contenders for wicked ‘staches. With more team members now, we’ll definitely see a fantastic array of styles – whether by grooming choice or genetics.Movember

To ensure everyone had the right equipment to shave this morning, our Happiness Team got everyone in the company shaving kits.

According to the official Movember rules, each MO BRO must shave on November 1. From there he will start to grow his epic ‘stache which isn’t allowed to connect to his side burns or hair on his chin. No beards or goatees allowed this month!

Movember isn’t just for fun and awkward hair growth, but it’s also a month-long charity event to support men’s health. Help PagerDuty raise money for Movember by joining and donating to the PagerDuty Movember team. All proceeds will go directly to the Movember foundation.

Thanks in advance for the support, and check-in next month for a Movember follow-up post!

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