New Feature: Reports

by Andrew Miklas November 23, 2009 | 2 min read

For about the last month, we’ve been busy at work on our most requested feature: billing. Hmm… ok, perhaps billing isn’t quite the #1 requested feature request, but surprisingly, we did actually have a few customers who were asking for it.

Yesterday, we rolled out PagerDuty’s reporting component, which is probably the most user-visible component of the billing project. Reports will give you a “phone bill” style view of all the alerts PagerDuty sent in a month, along with who received the alert and which alarm triggered each alert. These reports should help you determine which of our pricing plans is best for your organization. For some of our customers, reports will also be useful when billing internal departments for out-of-hour service requests dispatched by PagerDuty.

Shows who PagerDuty contacted, which method we used, and which alarm triggered the alert.

Reports show who PagerDuty contacted, which method we used, when we sent out out the alert, and which alarm triggered the alert.

If you have other types of reports you’d like to be able to generate from your PagerDuty account data, please let us know. One feature we’re thinking of adding to the reporting module is the ability to download the reports in CSV format. We haven’t started work on this yet, but if it’s a heavily requested feature, we could look at sliding it up a bit in the work queue.