Cut Your Resolution Time with AppDynamics and PagerDuty

by Sam Lewis April 22, 2015 | 2 min read

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Application Performance Monitoring (APM) systems like AppDynamics can provide incredibly rich information about what’s happening with your IT infrastructure, and can identify performance issues before they create big problems. However, this information is only as good as your ability to respond to it. PagerDuty can extend the capabilities of AppDynamics Alert & Respond policies to ensure incidents are noticed, responded to, and fixed quickly.


PagerDuty is an IT Operations platform that helps businesses improve their reliability and resolve critical incidents faster. Within PagerDuty, you can set up custom on-call schedules, automatically escalate alerts, and get notified the way you want (via SMS, phone call, push notifications, or email). We also provide smart alerting capabilities to reduce alert fatigue, collaboration integrations to make it easier for teams to resolve incidents together, and analytics to show your resolution trends.

How it works

You can use PagerDuty to receive incidents from AppDynamics. AppDynamics will send the relevant information to PagerDuty and PagerDuty will route the alert automatically to whomever is on-call right now. Using your custom escalation rules, the incident will automatically escalate and notify the next person in line. Each individual user in PagerDuty can configure their notification preferences to get alerted as many times as they’d like using SMS, phone calls, push notifications, and email.

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With the incident, you can also include a incident details and a URL so users can drill down into details and quickly visit AppDynamics to isolate root causes and resolve application issues quickly.

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If the incident resolves in AppDynamics, this update will automatically push to PagerDuty to resolve the incident there, and notify whomever is working on it in PagerDuty.

AppDynamics is not only a partner, they are also a customer. They’ve been using PagerDuty for over 4 years, and it’s helped them feel confident that they’ll get hold of the right people and that every incident will be acted upon. Moreover, PagerDuty helped them form an established process for managing incidents and ensuring accountability. They’ve expanded their use of PagerDuty to include their Engineering and Customer Success teams as well, ensuring that they can coordinate all aspects of incident resolution.

Get started by downloading the PagerDuty plug-in today. You can read full instructions in our Integration Guide.

For further information on the AppDynamics PagerDuty Integration, register now for our live webinar on Thursday, April 23rd.