Boundary Integrates with PagerDuty

by Sam Lewis May 5, 2015 | 3 min read

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Boundary’s Monitoring Solutions Now Fully Integrated with PagerDuty

This is a guest post written by Boundary‘s Cydney Myers

When it comes to monitoring the health of your IT system, the team at Boundary lives by the philosophy that every second counts. Rather than letting data slip through the cracks at five- or even one-minute intervals, Boundary provides real-time monitoring of servers, platforms and apps for IT and DevOps teams with one-second resolution. We’re excited to announce an integration with PagerDuty to help teams resolve infrastructure incidents even faster.

Boundary’s SaaS monitoring solution offers simple setup and use with an intuitive UI, which supports more than 20 server OSs using one small agent. Boundary is also highly customizable for users, with a rotating set of dashboards, wide coverage of popular technologies (web servers, SQL and NoSQL databases, load balancers, message queues, caches, etc.). There are also advanced DDF (Detect-Diagnose-Fix) modules coming soon – keep an eye out for the announcement of Cassandra DDF.

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Another great Boundary feature is the easy to use alarms, which are triggered when a monitored metric goes above (or below) a defined threshold. Users have the ability to connect each alarm to one or multiple actions (a.k.a. notifications), so that they are notified when an alarm status changes. When a new Boundary account is created, several simple alarms are pre-provisioned to get users started and connected to the e-mail Action. Once they’ve setup an account, customers then have the ability to choose different collaboration tools by creating more Actions and attaching them to Alarms.

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At Boundary, we have a strong belief in the power of open communication, which is why we strive to develop integrations with multiple third-party services. One of the key components of our communications strategy is the integration of our monitoring and operational tools into the same channels that our Boundary team members enjoy using.

Last month, the Boundary team was happy to announce a new Action, providing an update to our integration with the very popular service, PagerDuty. PagerDuty enables fast resolution, incident visibility, and easier collaboration. Many Boundary customers use and like it. And, like Boundary, the team at PagerDuty continues to innovate and add new features to the service.

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When a Boundary action is attached to an alarm, a notification will be sent to PagerDuty once an alarm is triggered. Boundary will send both ‘triggered’ and ‘resolved’ notifications, so once a metric goes below the threshold for a predefined period of time, the alarm will be shown as ‘resolved’ in PagerDuty and will no longer blink red in Boundary.

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Following Boundary’s “Magically Simple” mantra, it takes less than a 60 seconds to configure the updated PagerDuty integration in Boundary. This update has made using the Boundary and PagerDuty together much easier and smarter, helping users detect, diagnose and fix problems faster. And our joint customers love it.

“Boundary makes it easy to monitor and discover problems, but you still need to notify someone of the problem so it can be remedied. PagerDuty has the capability of notifying the on-call engineer should an alarm be triggered. Boundary let’s you know what’s wrong, PagerDuty makes sure someone takes care of it.” –Brian Huddleston, Sr. Director of Development, Sprinklr.

Interested in trying out Boundary’s one-second monitoring and our official integration with PagerDuty? Sign up for our free 14-day trial here.

For a more detailed look or video tutorial at configuring the PagerDuty integration, visit the Boundary Knowledge Base or read the Integration Guide.  Please check it out and share your feedback with us at