PagerDuty Can Wake You Up with Lights and Memes

by Tony Albanese October 25, 2013 | 2 min read

Once a month at PagerDuty we put aside our many projects and take a day to work on what inspires us. Hack Day has produced everything from new product features to team swag, but this month a couple interesting integrations were built to help our team make sure they never miss an alert.

Turn On Your Lights with PagerDuty

Ever in a deep sleep and no sound will wake you up? This is an issue for our Product Manager, David Hayes, who decided to spend his hack day finding a solution to wake up for alerts even during his deepest sleep.

Dave hacked together an integration with his bedroom lights using a Belkin WeMo switch, an internet enabled on/off switch that works with anything. Since there isn’t a public API for WeMo, David created his integration using If This Then That and sampled a piece of code from PagerDuty’s Webhooks.

You can learn more about David’s Hack Day project on his personal blog. But first here is a quick video of PagerDuty turning on Dave’s bedroom lamp.

SnapperDuty, Integrate PagerDuty with SnapChat

Dave wasn’t the only one finding new ways to receive PagerDuty Alerts. Cory Chamblin, a software engineer on PagerDuty’s real-time team, put together an alert system for the best way to contact him, SnapChat.

Though SnapChat doesn’t have a public API, Cory was able to whip up an integration anyways. You can check out his code chops over on GitHub.

Who wouldn’t want to receive a PagerDuty Alert as a meme? Take a look at a few of Cory’s sample SnapChat alerts below:

snapchat_03 snapchat_02

The fun isn’t over yet, we host a Hack Day every month in both our San Francisco and Toronto offices. Who knows what interesting projects November’s Hack Day will bring.