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PagerDuty Expands to Lisbon

I’m delighted to announce some “boas novas” (Portuguese for “good news”) today. PagerDuty is opening a new hub in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon. By the end of next year, we plan to hire up to 100 high-skilled professionals.

PagerDuty is no stranger to Europe. We already have dozens of employees across the UK and look forward to expanding to Lisbon. With direct flights linking Lisbon to San Francisco, New York and London, it will be easy for the PagerDuty community to stay connected. I look forward to exploring the city’s culture, seeing St. George’s Castle, getting a bite to eat in the Mercado da Ribeira, and hitting the Atlantic beaches.

Our expanded team in Lisbon means new capabilities and support for European customers. Recently, we offered customers the choice of service from the U.S. or Europe; many of our European customers feel more comfortable keeping their data in our European service region. The decision to open a new hub in Lisbon is not just because we love Portuguese culture. PagerDuty already counts notable Portuguese companies such as Farfetch, AiFi, Mediatree, Miniclip, Unbabel, and VictoriaPlum as customers.

The country has a tradition of engaging with the world, dating all the way back to Prince Henry the Navigator’s support of exploration in the 1400s. That international outlook remains part of Lisbon’s culture today. TechCrunch points out that the city’s professionals also have a high level of proficiency in English. With an estimated one-third of the city speaking English, Lisbon is an excellent choice for international companies.

I also appreciate the efforts of the Portuguese government to boost the tech industry and the city is well on its way to becoming a leading tech hub. A €200 million initiative offers 50:50 funding to support increased venture capital investment in the country which has already led to increased funding for 18 startups. Lisbon is also home to multiple tech incubators like Fintech House and Startup Lisboa, which boost the city’s entrepreneurial culture. The city is full of talented employees and potential partners.

To find out more about PagerDuty’s expansion plans in Lisbon and commitment to Europe, check here to read the full press release. Visit our careers page for more details on jobs in Portugal.