PagerDuty for Google Chat – Available Now

by Jorge Villamariona June 5, 2022 | 2 min read

Our goal at PagerDuty is to meet our customers where they work, with whatever tools they may have. We are delighted to offer over 650 integrations with complementary technology partners. These integrations empower our customers to maximize the value they get from their PagerDuty platform and also allow them to define bespoke incident response processes. 

Today we are excited to announce PagerDuty for Google Chat. PagerDuty for Google Chat was built by Google in tight collaboration with PagerDuty. PagerDuty for Google Chat enables incident responders to get notified, initiate resolution, and focus on the problem at hand without switching context.  Key actions can be initiated from the Google Chat conversation involving the right team members while also providing the right level of visibility for additional stakeholders.

From your Google Space, PagerDuty for Google Chat can be installed by following 3 simple steps:

  • Type the command “@PagerDuty” (You need permission to install apps from your Google administrator)
  • Authorize the integration (sign in to a PagerDuty account with Admin or Account Owner permissions in the subdomain)
  • Run the “/pd_settings” command to link your PagerDuty Services with your Google Space. 

Once PagerDuty for Google Chat is installed and configured you will be able to:

Manage Incidents from Google Chat

Incident responders can perform key incident response actions such as trigger, notify, acknowledge, and resolve—all without leaving the Google Chat conversation.

Accelerate Incident Response and Resolution

Responders get notified about new incidents where they and their teammates work, with real-time notifications in Google Chat, wherever they may happen to be, whether  at their desk, or from their phone while on-the-go.

Collaborate With the Right Team Members

Responders can create a dedicated war room (a.k.a. Google Space) and add the desired subject matter experts. This immediately provides visibility to stakeholders and enables faster collaboration to expedite incident resolution.