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PagerDuty & Keynote Partnership

Keynote logoWe are very excited to announce a partnership with Keynote Systems. As part of this new partnership, we’ve integrated PagerDuty with the Keynote web monitoring service. You’ll now be able to easily send Keynote website performance and availability alerts to PagerDuty. PagerDuty will convert these alerts into incidents, assign them to the on-call engineer, and dispatch phone/SMS/email alerts.

The best part is that when you get paged via phone or SMS for an issue detected by Keynote, the page will contain the full error details: the name of the affected website/webapp, the severity of the issue (Warning or Critical), and whether the issue is performance or availability related.

About Keynote

Keynote is a global leader in Internet and mobile cloud monitoring. With Keynote, you can quickly diagnose website performance problems at the application, transaction, and infrastructure levels in real-time. Their measurement infrastructure consists of over 3000 measurement computers and mobile devices in over 275 locations around the world — wow!

Integration Details

The integration between Keynote and PagerDuty is very simple to set up: it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. On the PagerDuty side, we’ve created a new service type specifically designed for Keynote. It accepts and intelligently parses Keynote email alerts and triggers new incidents when Keynote detects website performance or availability issues. It can also automatically resolve open incidents when Keynote detects that the underlying problems have been fixed. Finally, the new service type allows you to set up alert filters based on the severity of the problem. For instance, you can configure it to only alert on Critical issues and ignore Warnings.

PagerDuty Keynote service

On the Keynote side, you simply need to log into your MyKeynote account and configure your alarms to send emails for both Warning and Critical issues to your PagerDuty-generated email address.

Here is the full Keynote / PagerDuty integration guide, which includes step-by-step instructions on setting up the new integration.