PagerDuty Blog

PagerDuty is proud to announce the launch of our "OnCallClub" program.

We’ve heard you! We take your feedback seriously and have noted your desire for a more formal community amongst your brethren who are joined together by involuntarily wake up calls at 3am in the morning. Now presenting, the PagerDuty “OnCallClub” to translate all of those “acks” into sweet, sweet redeemable rewards.

With this program, on-call developers, system administrators, and everyone else with root access can plug in their sleepless nights and incident wrangling efforts into our PagerPoints™ calculator to see which loyalty tier they reach:

  • Silver
  • Premier
  • Sapphire
  • …..and shhhhhh! Our Secret and Super Secret levels!

The various levels can earn you you access to rewards like custom sleepwear, white-glove notification services, and on-demand beverages.

Unlike other response orchestration tools, such as carrier pigeons, we take loyalty seriously and promise not to make too much of a mess. We want to give back to members with something meaningful that doesn’t cost us a lot of money. But don’t just take our word for it, here are quotes from inaugural members of the program:

“This is the worst idea ever. It will never take off.” – Arup Chakrabarti, Director of Infrastructure, PagerDuty.

“Very glad it’s not a real thing!” – A. Manager, Infrastructure Delivery & Monitoring Lead, Please Don’t Use My Company’s Name.

“How do I get root Access, I want to make some changes to production?” – David Hayes, Director Platform Strategy, PagerDuty.