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PagerDuty & Red Gate SQL Monitor Partnership

We are very pleased to announce a new partnership with Red Gate Software. We are good friends with Simon and Neil, the co-CEOs of Red Gate. Back in the early days of PagerDuty, we spent several months working out of Red Gate’s awesome office in Cambridge, UK.

As part of this new partnership, we have integrated PagerDuty with Red Gate SQL Monitor. The new integration allows SQL Monitor users to take advantage of PagerDuty’s sophisticated alerting functionality: Users can receive SQL Monitor alerts via phone call, SMS or email, set up automatic alert escalation, and handle high-severity database problems on the go from a mobile phone. PD also adds incident tracking to SQL Monitor and helps support teams set up fair on-call duty schedules.

About SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor logoEver wish you had better visibility into how your MS SQL Server databases were performing? SQL Monitor helps you better understand what’s going on with your databases by providing comprehensive monitoring and alerting for machines, clusters, servers and databases. It also offers rich reporting to help you get to the root cause of any operational issue.

Integration Details

The new 2.3 release of SQL Monitor will allow you to forward database problem alerts directly to PagerDuty. On the SQL Monitor side, the setup process couldn’t be easier: simply configure email alerts to go to a PagerDuty-provided email address.

SQL Monitor email settings

On the PagerDuty side, we have created a new service type specifically designed for SQL Monitor. It accepts and intelligently parses SQL Monitor email alerts and will trigger new incidents when SQL Monitor detects database problems. It can also automatically resolve open incidents when SQL Monitor detects that the underlying problems have been fixed. Finally, the new service type allows you to set up alert filters based on the severity of the problem. For instance, you can configure it to only alert on high severity db issues.

Filter settings for SQL Monitor PagerDuty service

To learn more about how Red Gate SQL Monitor can help you monitor the health and performance of your SQL Server databases, check out the product page here. Be sure to also take a look at our SQL Monitor integration guide to see just how easy it is to have SQL Monitor alerts delivered to PagerDuty.