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PagerDuty Sponsoring Splunk’s 3rd Annual Worldwide User Conference

TL;DR: We are attending and sponsoring the 2012 Splunk Worldwide User Conference, which runs from September 10 through the 13th in Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan hotel.  Come by our booth to learn about our brand new integration with Splunk, grab a PagerDuty tshirt and meet our team.

Why are we sponsoring Splunk .conf2012?

Splunk slurps all of your machine data generated across your IT infrastructure and allows you to query, analyze and monitor your systems in real-time.  It allows you to set up automatic searches which alert when issues arise; for instance, you can configure real-time alerts when an application is logging a large number of critical errors.

This is where PagerDuty comes in. Splunk is great at detecting and monitoring anomalies and problems with your applications, systems and IT infrastructure. PagerDuty is great at letting your engineers know about these problems, in real-time, by phone, SMS or email (sometimes in the middle of the night).  With the new Splunk + PagerDuty integration, you can now convert Splunk alerts into PagerDuty incidents, which we route automatically to the right team and alert the on-call engineer by phone, SMS or email.

At Splunk .conf, we hope to meet lots of Splunk users, learn about how they manage their IT operations, and hopefully show some of them a better way to manage their on-call processes.

Splunk App for PagerDuty

Greg Albrecht, a senior software engineer at Splunk, developed a Splunk App for PagerDuty (thanks Greg!).  The app allows you to send alerts from saved-searches in Splunk to your PagerDuty account synchronously via the PagerDuty API.  These alerts will trigger incidents within PagerDuty which will in turn alert your on-call engineers via phone, SMS or email.  You can check out the App on Splunkbase or take a look at our integration guide, which will walk you through the setup process.

Free T-Shirts and a Prize Fit for an On-Call Hero

The PagerDuty - We've Got Your Back - Pack

Sign up for a FREE trial of PagerDuty while at Splunk .conf2012 and we’ll hook you up with one of our very-awesome PagerDuty tshirts.  You’ll also be entered in a draw to win the official PagerDuty “We’ve Got Your Back!” PACK.

When systems break and you get the call, you’ll be ready.  The PACK includes:

  • A cool solar-powered backpack which will keep your smartphone or tablet charged while on the go
  • A 12,000 mAh juice box that is full of vitamin “E”-lectricity to power your mobile device when you’re on-call
  • A “camel-pack” beverage container built into the backpack
  • A bunch of snacks for the road that will keep you fully charged and ready to take the call when your systems go down

and more…

See you in Las Vegas!