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Easily Manage Your Team with PagerDuty’s New User Role

As your team grows, the responsibility of your individual teams members become highly specialized. More team members also results in an increased difficulty for managing your teams. That’s why we’ve taken our first step to provide more robust user permissions in PagerDuty.

PagerDuty’s latest user role, Limited User, will give you more control over what each of your team members has access to. This makes sure that only those authorized to make changes to on-call schedules and services within your account can do so.

You can check PagerDuty’s user level permission in the chart below:

PagerDuty User Permissions

Owners Admins Users Limited
Update billing information Yes
Add/remove users Yes Yes
Create, edit and delete services Yes Yes Yes
Create and edit on-call schedules Yes Yes Yes
Create overrides Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trigger, acknowledge, resolve incidents Yes Yes Yes Yes

To invite a new team member and make them a limited user simply navigate to the Users Tab, input the team member’s information and select “limited user” from the role drop down menu. You may also update a current user’s setting from the Users Tab. For more information visit our knowledge base.

Have questions about our new permissions? Shoot us an email at