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See What’s in Store at PagerDuty Summit

PagerDuty Summit is just around the corner, taking place on September 13th here in San Francisco. We have a lot of great content planned and wanted to share a few highlights.  

As technology becomes more ubiquitous, business models are rapidly changing to meet and exceed customer demand and provide a great experience. PagerDuty Summit will focus on how companies are navigating digital transformation with operational maturity. Interested in hearing stories about how top organizations were successful in addressing digital transformation? What were their lessons learned as they move into new territory? How did they scale and manage operations to provide both stability and agility? All these questions and more will be addressed by speakers such as DevOps thought leader, Gene Kim and Yahoo! Chairman and investor, Maynard Webb, and many more.

Get excited for the activities taking place throughout the conference from the solutions expo, breakout sessions, and of course, a chance for everyone to network at the cocktail hour. We would love to see you there!customer-awards

Existing Customer?

How can you as a customer participate? We recently announced the PagerDuty Operational Excellence and Innovation Awards, which will recognize and honor outstanding organizations that are accelerating digital business with operational maturity efforts. Both of these awards will be presented at PagerDuty Summit. This is your chance to be recognized as an outstanding and innovative operations organization; now is your opportunity to share your company’s digital transformation by submitting your story. To learn more about the awards program, check out our PagerDuty Summit Awards website. And if you haven’t already, be sure to register for PagerDuty Summit today.