Announcing the 2016 PagerDuty Partner Award Winners

by Jose Mora September 15, 2016 | 3 min read

Since the early days of PagerDuty, the need to simplify and streamline incident lifecycle management processes was predicated on the ability to integrate with complex infrastructure stacks. Whether it be log management solutions, ticketing systems, or performance management tools, the successful journey to digital transformation includes how well your tools interact, exchange, and present critical data for DevOps and ITOps teams.

At PagerDuty, providing an open and agnostic platform that integrates with any tool has been part of our product development philosophy that continues through to today. Regardless of the size of the organization and their DevOps strategy, our customers expect these integrations to support and simplify the way they run their development and operations teams, be easy to configure, and simple to manage. Today, our technical integration community, which now numbers over 175 native integrations, is an essential part of bringing additional value to our PagerDuty customers looking to improve operational reliability and agility.

With this in mind, it’s also important to recognize those PagerDuty partners that have consistently demonstrated a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, innovation, and quality.  These partners are not only responding to our customer’s needs for greater automation and improved workflows but also setting the standard for the entire PagerDuty partner community.

At PagerDuty Summit 2016, two technical integration partners were recognized for their contributions and dedication. Let’s learn a bit more about our winners.

Partner of the Year Silver Award Winner

Amazon Web Services

aws-logo_300x111Amazon Web Services Cloudwatch is used by hundreds of PagerDuty customers so they can see, diagnose, react to, and resolve issues that arise in their AWS infrastructure and in the applications run on AWS.  The AWS Cloudwatch integration is one of the top integrations deployed among the PagerDuty customer community and now delivers over 100 different metrics that give our customers the visibility they need into the health of their organization’s cloud infrastructure and ensuring IT incidents are resolved quickly. As a Silver Award winner, AWS also received high marks for the strong alignment between the respective product development teams ensuring customer requirements are addressed quickly and worked on in collaboration.

Partner of the Year Gold Award Winner


datadogDatadog is a monitoring service built for distributed and cloud environments. One of the top monitoring tools in the market today, Datadog’s technology aggregates data from servers, databases, applications, tools and services in order to generate a unified view of application performanceSince 2012, PagerDuty customers have benefitted from the Datadog integration and it has ranked year-over-year among the top 10 integrations deployed. The integration allows our customers to easily send Datadog alerts to PagerDuty or follow incidents and escalations in real-time in Datadog’s newsfeed. During 2016, hundreds of PagerDuty customers have deployed the integration and seen immediate value.

As a Gold Award winner, Datadog has demonstrated excellence and commitment to delivering real value to our PagerDuty customers and continuing to invest in improving the integration even better.

Congratulations to our Partner Award winners who made an impact this year and delivered customer success!