Customer Lineup at Summit 2018

by Lauren Wang July 23, 2018 | 4 min read

As Director of Solutions and Customer Marketing, the greatest part of my job is meeting all of the enthusiastic PagerDuty customers from every corner of the world. Their stories of how PagerDuty has helped them become more agile, more customer-focused, and more innovative are truly inspiring!

To that end, we have an entire track at Summit 2018, devoted to how our customers have used PagerDuty within their organizations in unique and creative ways. Whether you work for a startup or a large enterprise, in tech or another industry, Summit 2018 promises to have something for everyone! Here’s a sampling of what’s in store:

American Eagle
Chances are, that cute outfit you see on the street comes from American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), an American omni-commerce retailer specializing in clothing and accessories. From back-to-school through the holidays, Calendar Q4 is AEO’s busiest time—and it’s Matt Kundrat’s team that’s responsible for ensuring that all of the applications supporting their sales channels are available 24/7. Matt will talk about how AEO does incident response during peak season while maintaining work/life balance—yes, it can be done!

If you’re a fantasy sports nut, then FanDuel was tailor-made for you. While a game is underway, you can log in to make moves to win a tournament or participate in a host of other contests—but only if the website or app is up and running. When it’s not, the FanDuel Support team will definitely hear about it! But how does the Support team notify the technical teams of customer-facing issues, especially when the technical teams are located five time zones away? Luke Kanter, Business Operations Manager, will share how!

Fitch Group
Fitch Group is a global leader in financial information services and is best known for Fitch Ratings, a prominent credit rating agency for institutions. As such, rapid innovation is a competitive differentiator for Fitch Group. But that has to be balanced with strong security, especially since the company works with highly sensitive data. Mir Ali, Director of IT Product Development and Head of DevOps, will discuss Fitch Group’s DevSecOps journey—from assumptions to key learnings and best practices.

Funding Circle
As a leader in peer-to-peer lending, Funding Circle connects investors to small and medium-sized businesses, to the tune of over $5 billion in loans. Making this as easy as possible is a top priority for Funding Circle, and it’s Paul Whyte’s responsibility to ensure that Funding Circle’s team of engineers continuously deliver innovation. Hear how Funding Circle leverages PagerDuty to truly understand software quality and performance, as well as the metrics that matter to the business.

GE Digital
Many are familiar with the Internet of Things (IoT), thanks to fitness trackers, smart thermostats, and Alexa. But Industrial IoT promises to be even bigger, especially for manufacturing and heavy industries. GE Digital is the engine powering digital transformation for the Industrial Internet. Hear from Ben Hwang, Cloud Architecture and Automation Leader, on GE Digital’s approach and how PagerDuty is used within the organization.

Good Eggs
If you’re like me, you dread running to the supermarket and having to wait in line. Thanks to Good Eggs, you don’t have to. The company will deliver fresh groceries to your door, using special refrigerated delivery trucks to ensure your food stays at the right temperature. Because freshness is mission-critical, Good Eggs needs to ensure that the refrigeration always works in its trucks—and PagerDuty is used to help monitor that! Learn more about sensors, trucks, and PagerDuty from Tannia Hernandez, Assistant Director of Operations, and JJ Mayora, Facility Manager at Good Eggs.


Quite the lineup, huh? And that’s just one track at PagerDuty Summit 2018! We’ll have over 20 sessions across 3 different tracks at Summit this year, along with several thought-provoking keynote speakers. I’m so excited about the agenda and all of the great learning and best practices that will be shared over the course of a few days! So what are you waiting for? Register now to reserve your spot!