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Do you know someone who could benefit from PagerDuty? Sure, you could tell all of your friends about us, but why do it unless you get something out of it? That’s why we put together our new referral program, ReferralDuty.

Refer someone to PagerDuty and you might win a free pass to AWS re:invent in Vegas November 11-14, 2014. All you need to know is your buddy’s contact info (and if you don’t know that you probably aren’t that great of friends)

Refer Your Buddy (/referral-program/)

* At the time of submission, the referred person can not be a current PagerDuty customer, involved in an active sales opportunity or have been referred to PagerDuty by any other source. Each referred person registered must enter into a free trial and be accepted by PagerDuty, at PagerDuty’s sole discretion.

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