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SCALE 10X, Linux in Southern California

One of our goals this year is to attend more conferences outside of San Francisco, and after the Southern California Linux Expo in Los Angeles, I think it’s the right call. We’re a nerdy bunch, and we definitely felt in our element. After James was on a panel discussing why “Monitoring Sucks,” he was pulled into dozens of nitty-gritty conversations about integrating and deploying monitoring solutions and the cost/benefits of rolling your own.

It was a great crowd with a lot of great open source projects on the go, even if I feel I may have to hand in my nerd card for my lack of github followers. In my defense, I managed to weigh our helium balloons to neutral buoyancy quicker than the Linux Chix (we were studying air currents in the conference hall, as one does [I loved their penguins]). There are already some good recaps out there, but I missed the talks and can’t comment on those (though I only heard good things). Apart from the great customer contact, we picked up a few exciting resumes from applicants. Ilan and the all volunteer team did a great job, and I expect we’ll be at SCALE11x next year.

We gave away an iPad as part of our "Be a PagerDuty Hero contest"

We gave away a lot of t-shirts (we’re down to a few smalls and XXXL shirts left) and all of our pens, so next year we’ll bring more stuff — I don’t think I really expected over 2000 attendees at the event, all of whom needed to see James from Crash Space‘s Wiimote light-saber and OE Cake demo.

Great time, see you all in February 2013.