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Server Density DevOps Deal

Server Density LogoWe have some exciting news for PagerDuty customers that are looking for a great SaaS-based server monitoring tool. Our good friends at Server Density are partnering with PagerDuty for a DevOps deal.

You’re probably wondering what exactly we mean when we say DevOps deal.  Each month, Server Density features a useful dev-ops tool that they use and love internally. This month, it’s PagerDuty.

That means they’ve partnered with us to offer a year of free server monitoring for 1 server to all PagerDuty customers.  And, did we mention that Server Density comes with PagerDuty integration out of the box?

What is Server Density

Server Density provides hosted monitoring, analytics and alerts (via PagerDuty) for your servers and websites.  You can easily monitor all of your low-level server metrics, like CPU, memory, and disk space.  You can also keep tabs on all of your services, including Apache, Nginx, MySQL and MongoDB.

The deal

Server Density is offering PagerDuty customers 1 year of free server monitoring for 1 server to new accounts.

How to get the deal

E-mail with your Server Density account URL and mention the PagerDuty DevOps deal.