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A “Single Source of Truth”: New Tools for Fast, Efficient Customer Service

Customer-facing teams have their hands full doing whatever they can to address customer issues quickly. At PagerDuty, our goal is to ease the burden of these teams by giving them the tools and access they need to deliver excellent customer experiences. 

Over the last year, we have deepened our integration with Salesforce Service Cloud, allowing users to work directly within the platform, reducing the need to context switch. version 3.5, we have even more features which, taken together, create a “single truth source” for teams working to solve incidents as fast and efficiently as possible.

Incident Objects in Service Cloud

This new version unites the Customer Service, DevOps, and ITOps organizations. Incident Objects offers bi-directional integration with PagerDuty incidents and Service Cloud incidents and keeps them in both places – in sync and up to date. 

We aim to make service agents’ lives easier, empowering them to engage and collaborate across teams. Now they can link cases to incidents, and the backend team can now link incidents to cases, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Agents can now engage with key stakeholders across the organization to work together, which will drive down case resolution times and protect SLAs. 

There are some great new features in this version meant to help agents to work faster, and  more seamless. With version 3.5, agents can now escalate, add subscribers, search for open incidents, and quickly and easily link a Salesforce case to an existing PagerDuty Incident, all from within the PagerDuty command console within Salesforce. 

Automation in CSOps 

With the introduction of Automation Actions into Customer Service Operations, we give agents the ability to validate problems and capture critical information via automation to diagnose and resolve cases faster. Agents are now empowered to validate customer-impacting issues and run automated actions directly from the PagerDuty app in Service Cloud. This service will help reduce resolution times and ease the load on backend teams by instantly adding critical customer information to help resolve the problem. 

Automation Actions also helps reduce the number of issues escalated to the engineering teams, especially if they are non-urgent or not directly impacting customers. 

With all of these new features, PagerDuty for Customer Service continues to break down silos of collaboration and communication between teams, giving agents the tools they need to help customers and the company overall. 

Learn more about PagerDuty Customer Service Ops here. Plus contact sales or sign up for a 14-day free trial to get started.