Troubleshooting Apache ZooKeeper Like a CSI

by Vera Chan May 12, 2016 | 2 min read

For those IT and DevOps organizations with high availability at the top of mind, it has become critical to develop redundant services to support the management of large distributed systems and applications. Popular among the open source community is Apache ZooKeeper.

Your organization is likely already using ZooKeeper or something similar, as a centralized service to maintain critical information about your systems and applications. From implementing configuration and data synchronization services, to naming registries, notification services and messaging queues, and managing large distributed systems, challenges and bugs will inevitably arise, adding further complexity to your application deployment processes.

I’m excited to announce that Arup Chakrabarti and Evan Gilman will be sharing their insight and hands-on experience with troubleshooting Apache ZooKeeper here at PagerDuty. Developing high performing, reliable systems and services are ingrained deep within our culture here. Our own infrastructure team has built a strong architecture that so many customers rely on to keep their applications, systems and services running. Arup and Evan will share some secrets about how our engineers put on their investigation hats to discover bugs and implement various workarounds and fixes to restore services and maintain uptime.

Bring your questions with you to the live webinar and join us for, TechLive: Troubleshooting Apache ZooKeeper Like a CSI to be enlightened by PagerDuty insider stories. This is a great opportunity for you to discover new ways to improve your incident resolution times and the uptime of your applications and services!