[Live Webinar] – What's New with PagerDuty

by Community Team June 27, 2016 | 2 min read

PagerDuty develops and releases features fast! Join us for our quarterly “What’s New with PagerDuty” webinar and see our latest innovations that are designed to deliver extraordinary user experiences and value to our customers. Discover unique new ways you can improve operational reliability and streamline incident management across your modern application stack.

What’s New with PagerDuty

Wednesday | June 29, 2016 | 10am – 11am PDT

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This quarter we will be highlighting:

  • PagerDuty Service Group – Enable easy grouping of multiple integrations that monitor various layers of a service, and aggregation of events. This delivers the fastest way to organize, monitor, and manage critical apps and services as they relate to a business.
  • Scheduling – Enable users to easily manage recent schedule changes by restoring all details from any of the last 10 schedule snapshots.
  • New Native Integrations – Ranging from collaboration and chat, ITSM, and infrastructure monitoring tools expand PagerDuty’s ecosystem of built-in integrations.
  • Developer Enhancements – New features highlight our commitment to developer success and deliver even more flexibility to developers seeking to integrate custom tools and applications.
  • API v2 – Access our rich developer portal, leverage add-ons to embed contextual iframes within incidents, and use custom or pre-built integrations to extend PagerDuty functionality.
  • Custom Event Transformer – Customers can integrate anything that can send HTTP/HTTPS requests to PagerDuty as unstructured data is transformed into valid PagerDuty events.