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What’s New: Automation Actions in the PagerDuty Application for Zendesk

A Shift in Customer Expectations

The past few years have led to a significant increase in customer demands, and customer service agents are feeling the pressure. According to a recent Zendesk CX Trends report, 68% of agents report feeling overwhelmed. Here at PagerDuty, we believe that happier customer service agents lead to more positive customer interactions and stronger relationships with your brand.

To help customer service teams address this, PagerDuty continues to deepen our integration with Zendesk to help customer service teams resolve incidents as fast and efficiently as possible. With our latest release, we are excited to announce that PagerDuty Automation Actions is now available within the PagerDuty application for Zendesk.

Empowering Customer Service Agents with Automation

PagerDuty Automation Actions quickly diagnose and remediate incidents by connecting responders to corrective automation within PagerDuty. With the latest release of the PagerDuty application for Zendesk, agents can automatically validate problems and capture critical information instantly for the team to diagnose and resolve. Agents are empowered to validate customer-impacting issues and run automation actions directly from the PagerDuty app for Zendesk. This reduces resolution times and eases the load on backend teams by instantly adding critical customer information for the teams resolving the problems. It also helps reduce the number of issues escalated to engineering teams. For example, if it’s non-urgent or not impacting customers from using the services.

Make customer service agents’ lives easier with Automation Actions

Customer service agents must be empowered to address critical incidents without adding to their burgeoning workload. Automation can help lighten that load and enable teams to do more. Here are a few ways automation can help make agents’ lives easier:

  • Automation helps establish consistent reactions for repeat and similar issues; this helps with reporting after incidents for process improvement. 
  • It improves Customer service agents’ efficiency when responding to cases.
  • It helps to reduce the time to resolution.
  • It allows agents to spend more time building and managing customer relationships.
  • Automation reduces the opportunities to make mistakes when an agent has to perform manual tasks when responding to cases under customer pressure.

To learn more about how PagerDuty Automation Actions and Zendesk can work for you, visit PagerDuty’s knowledge base. Additionally, you can contact your account manager or request a demo today.