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What’s New With PagerDuty

whats-new-webinar-q4Here at PagerDuty we constantly release new innovations to help ITOps and DevOps teams worldwide deliver better software and customer experiences. This quarter has been by far one of our biggest ever, with new capabilities and products that completely redefine the user experience with PagerDuty.

Join us in our What’s New With PagerDuty Webinar this Thursday 10/15/16, 10AM – 11AM PST, to learn about our newest innovations with live demos— including some that were even showcased in Network World’s list of the coolest tech at AWS reInvent. As we wrap the year, this session of our What’s New webinar series will be one in that you do not want to miss given the scope of everything that was released, including:

  • HTML Email Notifications – Responders can see critical details, monitoring graphs, images, and more directly within PagerDuty email notifications, shaving time off the response workflow.
  • Direct Incident Assignment – Enables responders to exercise full control over who an incident is assigned to.
  • Alert Triage – Center resolution workflows around an incident that represents a real, service-impacting problem, redefining how customers intelligently triage and interact with data from their systems to drive down resolution times.
  • Suppression – Suppress non-actionable alerts to mitigate alert noise while retaining insight into leading edge indicators of problems.
  • Operations Command Console and Intelligence Applications – Unify and provide actionable insights on all relevant dimensions of customer experience including performance, infrastructure health, and incident response.

Be sure to register today to reserve your exclusive spot. Members of our product and technical teams also look forward to answering all your questions live during the webinar.


We look forward to seeing you soon to showcase ways to get the most out of PagerDuty with the newest capabilities!