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Zendesk Integration with PagerDuty

zendeskWe’ve been introducing a lot of integrations lately, but we’re not slowing down. Today we’re excited to announce that Zendesk now integrates with PagerDuty.

Achieve Zendesk Nirvana with PagerDuty

Zendesk is a popular web-based ticketing system that’s flexible, lean and social. Zendesk provides simple and powerful tools for collaborating within your team. And now, with the PagerDuty integration, you can also send ticket notifications to your team, even if it’s after hours. PagerDuty lets you customize how and when each member of your team should be notified. Sounds like Nirvana to us!

zendesk notification

zendesk email

Currently this is a one-way integration that lets Zendesk tickets trigger incidents within PagerDuty. Watch for additional functionality in the coming months.

Integrating with Zendesk

Integration with Zendesk is pretty straightforward. You can find complete instructions in our Zendesk integration guide which is listed in the Zendesk app store. If you have any issues completing the installation, contact us.