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Zenoss 4 Integration with PagerDuty

Today we’re excited to announce that Zenoss 4 now integrates with PagerDuty.

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Zenoss is a popular open source network, server and application monitoring system that specializes in addressing the challenges of complex IT services. Zenoss provides one of the best event management systems available in any open source monitoring system.

Customize Notifications of Zenoss Events

PagerDuty extends Zenoss’s service by letting you customize how you want to be notified of Zenoss events. With the integration, you can control how and when each team member is alerted, so you can be sure the right person can take action immediately.

Zenoss integration

Integrate with Zenoss 4

You can integrate PagerDuty with Zenoss 4 in just a few easy steps. Check out our Zenoss partner’s page to get started.