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PagerDuty Named One of Inc. Magazine’s 2018 Best Workplaces

PagerDuty has been named one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2018, the publication’s third annual ranking in the fast-growing private company sector.

Recognition like this is more than just a proverbial “feather in the cap” for PagerDuty. We take these things seriously because we know what it means for a company in our stage of growth. We know that attracting great talent in the technology industry is competitive and being recognized for our progressive culture is one of our key differentiators.

We’re known for our real-time platform for action, but to quote our CEO Jennifer Tejada, “PagerDuty is for people.” Our technology not only makes the lives of the digital workforce better, but we also practice what we preach. Diversity and inclusion, gender pay equity, and employee resource groups for underrepresented employees are just a few of the initiatives we believe in promoting as a company.

So what did it take to become a company that people want to be part of? Inc. magazine says it’s more than good pay and good perks—it’s also about having a clear purpose, a sense of humor, and leadership that makes them all work together. Check, check, and check.

The Methodology

The 2018 Inc. Best Workplaces Awards assessed applicants on the basis of benefits offered and employees’ responses to a unique, 30-question survey fielded by each of the applying companies. Responses were evaluated by the research team at Quantum Workplace. Survey scores account for employer size to level the playing field between small and large businesses. Out of thousands of applicants, Inc. selected singled out just under 300 winning companies, and PagerDuty made the list as a Large Company (250-499 employees).

While researching the entries, Inc. and Quantum saw distinct themes develop:

  • Strong company cultures breed stunning individual and team performance.
  • Workers at the best companies don’t view their employers as “sugar daddies.” They aren’t mesmerized by whatever giveaways seem to be the latest fad, be it gourmet lunches or beer fridges.
  • When employees feel valued by their organization, they are far more likely to be engaged. This single factor proved to be one of the largest drivers of employee engagement.

Interested in learning more about careers at PagerDuty? Take a look at our careers page—we’re always looking for new team members!