Leveraging Innovation to Accelerate Social Impact

by Joseph Mandros March 22, 2019 | 4 min read

We’ve heard it time and again: Digital transformation is happening across all industries and business is booming. Decades-old companies are migrating to the cloud, deploying new mobile features regularly, and adopting new technologies at dizzying rates, all in the name of increasing revenue.

But another digital transformation is happening for organizations that seek to do more than satisfy consumer demands for downloads or e-commerce—one that’s less talked about and where net profit is neither a motivator nor an end goal. Rather, these organizations use technology to accelerate their social impact, enabling them to become more innovative and agile in how they improve outcomes and livelihoods for individuals and communities.

Each year, these tech nonprofits come together at Fast Forward’s Accelerate Good Global (AGG) to swap learnings and discuss technological tools and models of innovation that support their work as disruptors in industries ranging from education to healthcare to human rights. The event connects tech nonprofits with technology entrepreneurs and philanthropists with a mission to apply the best technology to our biggest social problems. Since 2014, Fast Forward has accelerated 41 tech nonprofits that now collectively impact over 51 million lives worldwide.

This investment in tech nonprofit entrepreneurs building technology to scale impact is a mission that runs parallel with As PagerDuty’s social impact arm, enables nonprofit efficacy, collaboration, and scale through technology, volunteer support, and investment. In a world where seconds matter, nonprofit organizations like The Trevor Project, Polaris, and Crisis Text Line use PagerDuty to mobilize responders in real time to save lives.

PagerDuty is excited to be a partner for the event, which takes place April 3 and 4 in San Francisco. Attendees will learn how to leverage technology like PagerDuty’s platform for digital operations management to empower teams to orchestrate action in real time, whether it’s within the realms of crisis services, time-sensitive healthcare, or disaster response. For example, Sightlife leverages PagerDuty to orchestrate clinicians, partner relations teams, and medical technicians to recover and preserve corneas for transplants to restore patients’ eyesight.

The event offers fireside chats with sector leaders, from O’Reilly Media Founder Tim O’Reilly, to CEO (and PagerDuty Customer) Aria Finger; lightning talks; and expert panels on topics like fundraising and agile coaching.

Olivia Khalili, PagerDuty’s VP of Global Social Impact and Philanthropy, will host a conversation with Okta for Good and leaders on how tech nonprofits and tech companies can forge meaningful partnerships that maximize impact. “If you’re interested in the application of technology for good—applying the best technology to solve our biggest social problems—Accelerate Good Global is ground zero. We’re proud to be part of the effort to fuel a ‘next-generation social sector,’” she shared.

In addition to these content sessions, members from PagerDuty’s product, engineering, and marketing teams will offer micro-mentoring to nonprofit leads. David Saffren, Director of Agile Leadership at PagerDuty, will lead a workshop on how nonprofits can apply DevOps practices such as Agile and scrum methodology to drive innovation and efficiencies. The PagerDuty booth will also be open in the Expo Hall April 3 and 4.

Following Accelerate Good Global, PagerDuty is hosting a half-day Incident Response Training for Tech Nonprofits at its San Francisco headquarters on April 5. Through instructor-led content, interactive elements, and hands-on exercises, participants will learn incident response best practices drawn from PagerDuty’s experience with more than 11,500 commercial and nonprofit customers, as well as best practices derived from government agencies (NIMS, ICS).

The workshop is free for any nonprofit. Register here by March 29 to attend. Space is limited to 30 participants.

For more information about Accelerate Good Global and to register for the event, visit their website. Hope to see you there!