Coming Soon – Advanced Reporting

by Julie Arsenault July 30, 2014 | 3 min read

PagerDuty can help you gain insight into your Operations, helping you better manage and prevent incidents. With PagerDuty, you can streamline your incident response, manage on-call scheduling more efficiently, and soon – analyze & prevent incidents.

Soon we’ll be launching Advanced Reporting to take your Operations to the next level. With our new reports, you’ll be able to see what’s going on across your infrastructure, analyze trends and turn insights into action.

Want to get ideas for how you can make smarter Operations decisions with data? Check out a few of our resources:

Your infrastructure in a single view

PagerDuty brings all of your monitoring services into a single view so you can easily analyze incidents across your entire infrastructure. Our dashboards will help you see alerts over time, by service and by team so you can reduce alerts over time and eliminate non-actionable ones.

Analyze trends

Once you know what’s happening, dig deeper to understand why. Are your incidents going up or down over time? Which incidents are taking the longest to resolve? How quickly is the team acknowledging and resolving alerts? Our new reports will show you these trends.

Turn insights into action

With a better sense of the hotspots in your infrastructure and your team’s workflow, you can more effectively prioritize your work. Focus on what’s really going to drive greater reliability rather than the problems that happen to be noisiest this week. Drive reductions in your MTTR by finding and eliminating bottlenecks that are slowing down the team. And finally, keep everyone happy and healthy by monitoring the incident workload and proactively giving time off if you notice things have been crazy recently.

For example, let’s say you noticed that you always have more incidents on Mondays. Digging deeper, you see that you’re getting a lot of alerts about a slow response time for one of your API endpoints. It turns out there’s a particularly expensive query that’s running on your database at this time, generated by users who are running weekly reports in the app. You work with the application development team on a way to improve the query, and in the meantime, you increase the threshold for this alert on Mondays (since after all, it didn’t cause an outage) and make sure everyone on your team knows how they can quickly investigate this incident.

You’re invited to our public preview

Before we release Advanced Reporting, we’ll launch a public preview. All of our customers, regardless of their plan, will have the chance to test drive the reports during our preview. Stay tuned – we’ll be sure to let you know when the new reports are available in your account.