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An Honor that Deserves Repeating: PagerDuty Once Again Earns ‘Best Workplaces’ Accolades

We’re thrilled to announce that Fortune Magazine has named PagerDuty one of 2023’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area for the second year in a row. We’ve also been recognized as an “Inspiring Workplace” in the US and EMEA (finalist); and a Best Company for Women and for People of Color to Advance. And today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve been named to 2023’s Best Workplaces for Millennials!

According to the Fortune survey, 95% percent of PagerDuty employees said we are a great place to work. Said one respondent: “Management always strives to find out what their employees are interested in and are always looking to find opportunities to grow. I think this company definitely values the opinions of their employees and makes everyone feel like they have a voice!” 

Awards like these provide us a sense of achievement and pride, reflective of the passion and commitment of our Dutonians and the inclusive culture we’ve created together. Our mission-driven approach–providing value for customers but also recognizing that there’s no way we can support our customers unless we’re taking care of our employees–is why I joined PagerDuty and why I stay. We have a big vision and bigger ambitions, and we pursue them always with kindness, empathy, conviction, and collaboration. Here’s just some of the ways we’re living up to our ‘Best Place’ recognitions. 

Showing up for one another

Building a work model for the future and harnessing the power of Generative AI to accelerate our internal work and the power of the PagerDuty Operations Cloud are some of the ways we show up for our people and our customers. We support people inside and outside the workplace, with Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (ID&E) at the core of our identity and business strategy, supported by our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

But most of all, we simply like and respect each other–no matter who you are or where you sit in the organization. When called upon, we show up. 

We show up for conferences and recruitment events. We show up for innovation around generative AI and host hackathons. We encourage experimentation and challenging conventions. 

“Pop-Ups” bring back in-person interaction

We want to provide employees with flexibility in how and where they work. But we also understand the importance of bringing people together in meaningful ways. In-person connections can enhance learning, decision-making, and innovation, not to mention deepen relationships across the team. 

It was in service to these principles that the PagerDuty Pop-Up program was born. We set out to create a low-cost, low-friction experience for employees at all levels to engage with colleagues. The ensuing day-long sessions consist of modules highlighting the business and our values, as well as local social impact and cultural experiences curated for each particular geographic area.  

The Pop-Ups are designed to build a greater sense of community among all Dutonians, whether they are direct colleagues or just meeting for the first time. You get a mix of business updates and camaraderie; peers sharing their expertise and problem solving in real-time. On multiple occasions these interactions have led to substantive changes in practices, products, and the way teams communicate across PagerDuty.

So far we have hosted fourteen events across eleven cities throughout the US and Portugal, impacting more than 300 Dutonians across 25 teams. We have expanded the scope of the program, including increasing the number of events to cover every major region we work in including EMEA, and APJ. As we continue to experiment with this model a few changes will be made to scale and mature our approach, adding more subject matter experts; planning longer days with more social time; and using the events as an incubator for creativity.

PagerDuty is where great humans work 

One other defining characteristic of PagerDuty is that we are very self aware, even self critical at times. We know we’re not done yet, that we can get better and improve the way we operate. This is empowering and motivating–it’s one one of the many reasons I love to get up every day and do my part to move PagerDuty forward. 

I’m therefore not surprised that we’ve been recognized as not just a great place to work, but an inspirational place, too. Anyone can come to PagerDuty and be their best selves without reservation or apology. Everyone has an opportunity to be successful, regardless of their personal background or experiences. 

Not every job gives you the ability to make an impact on the business or on people’s lives. Not every place allows you to develop your career while being surrounded by great humans. 

Not every company is like PagerDuty–in fact, no company is like us. We are PagerDuty.