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PagerDuty and Atlassian Collaborate for Faster Incident Resolution Times

We are very pleased to announce that PagerDuty and Atlassian are continuing to collaborate and improve best practice around the incident resolution lifecycle and make the world of unexpected chaos a little less frantic.

In April we announced the best-in-class  PagerDuty HipChat Extension that allows HipChat users to create, acknowledge, and resolve PagerDuty incidents within HipChat. The feedback from PagerDuty customers has been overwhelmingly positive. We will be showcasing this integration at a series of speaking engagements and demonstrations at the Atlassian Summit in Barcelona.

pagerduty hipchat integration

This was just the first step in tightening our alignment! Our customers tell us that more and more, developers are not only building and testing code, they’re also responsible for their code in production. Similarly, we’ve also heard from countless tools and process owners across the industry that a seamless experience between incident resolution and ticketing is critical to lower resolution times.

As part of our continued collaboration, today we are also announcing that a new PagerDuty extension for JIRA Software Cloud is coming soon! This integration enables you to extend PagerDuty into JIRA Software Cloud with powerful capabilities like:

Easy setup and mapping

In a couple of clicks, you can connect your PagerDuty account to your JIRA Software Cloud, making it easy to map services that you are monitoring to specific JIRA projects.

jira mapping

One-click JIRA ticket creation

Once you’re connected, PagerDuty incidents provide a handy button for you to create a corresponding JIRA ticket. Instead of getting overwhelmed with automatic JIRA tickets for every incident, choose to create a ticket only when it’s needed (e.g. create a ticket for the team to initiate a postmortem on an incident once it’s resolved).

jira create ticket

Seamless experience

Once you create a JIRA ticket from a PagerDuty incident, the two are linked so that you can easily navigate between the systems for a seamless experience.

atlassian jira view issue


We look forward to tightening our integration with the Atlassian product suite to deliver innovative solutions to help our customers succeed by delivering the best customer experiences.

To get more information on the PagerDuty JIRA Cloud Software Extension, please reach out to

For more information about the PagerDuty HipChat Extension, please check out the following:

PagerDuty looks forward to furthering collaboration with Atlassian and creating more alignment between our products to help the developer community focus on delivering the best customer experiences.